10 Reasons Why Babies Cry

1) They Need Food

Babies tend to cry mainly because they are hungry majority of the time. The younger your baby is the more it will cry because it need more food. The exception to that is when babies are newborn so they do not intake as much and require breast-feeding.  If they are not willing to eat food then give the baby milk and allow them to drink until the baby feels soothed or is done crying.

2) They Feel Uncomfortable

Babies express what they are feeling by crying so if something is bothering them they are bound to cry. Make sure they your child is in comfortable fitted clothes. Check to see that the clothes are too light or too loose on them. Also check to see if the child has a soiled diaper on. If they do then you might want to change it, It may be bothering the child or irritating his/her skin. Furthermore, when putting on a new diaper make sure that the tabs aren’t on to light around the waist. Make sure it is a comfortable fit where the child can movie around freely.

3) They Need To Be Warm

Some children do not like being bathed because of them temperature change from warm to cool when the air hits there skin. Make sure that your child is warm and cozy. Do not over layer your child with clothes where they are too hot. A reasonable amount of clothing should be one more layer then you. Children’s skin is sensitive and needs to be treated with care.

4) They Need To Be Held

When babies are young they need to be held by their parents for the feeling of love and reassurance that they are there. Some parents worry that if they hold there child too much they it will spoil their child, whereas that is not possible in the first few months of the baby. Babies want physical contact with their parents; want to be able to hear their voice so they feel safe.

5) They Need Rest

When babies are young they require a lot of sleep. They tend to get quite cranky when they are tired, and tend to fall asleep wherever they are. Make sure the baby is in a quite and noise-free atmosphere. Turn of all the lights that may possibly distract the baby. At this age they are very sensitive to little thing, and could have problems sleeping likewise.

6) They Are Sick or ill

It is possible that if your child is crying too much and won’t stop that it may be in pain. Often when children are sick they tend to cry in a high-pitched urgent tone. Try to assist your baby immediately by taking him/her to the doctor so they feel relived from the pain or from being uncomfortable.

7) They Want Something To Suck On

When babies are little they tend to put everything in there mouth. That is why a sucking dummy or clean fingers can be very satisfying for a baby. Sucking on things can steady a baby’s heart rate, relax her stomach, and help her settle.

8.) They Need Something To Play With

Don’t let your child sit there empty handed while you go off to do something. Give your child some to play with such as toys. It will keep the babies mind distracted. Also, switch around the toys don’t give them the same toy to play with all the time, the baby will get bored.

9) They Need To Be Entertained

A child is bored very easily. So sit when them and accompany them, which will make them comfortable with your presence and give your some bonding time. Watch a movie or listen little children nursery rhythms.

10)  Irritated By Noises

A child’s ears are quite sensitive and they can get scared of the littlest noises. Try avoiding the doing the dishes in the presence of the baby; the clanging to the dishes can be annoying. Also, avoid vacuuming while your child is playing there, the sound of the vacuum tends to scare many children. Do not watch any scary movies with them, the horrific scenes can be mentally disturbing.


There are ways you can stop baby crying. Be patient .

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